Thursday, August 1, 2013

OPI "Red Lights Ahead... Where?"

Oh man, I took like a hundred photos of this polish. It is NOT this orange in real life, but it definitely isn't a "Red," just a really smoking hot bright coral. The perfect summer shade. Had some issues with the pigmentation of the polish. It was a little uneven actually, had some dark patches. It was weird. That being said, it is still a great color. Applied nicely, I wore it for a week before taking these photos (hence the minor tip wear). Really in-your-face coral. I plan on wearing it when I am in Las Vegas in a few weeks. ;)

"Red Lights Ahead" - I believe this is an homage to Amsterdam's prostitution district. Odd choice for a nail polish. Especially since it implies the wearer is actually LOOKING for the red light district. Does anyone else find this odd??? 

Light from my window

Desperate to get the color accurate - ignore the  pasty hands! (Artificial lights)

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