Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sock yarn blanket and the joys of sock yarn!

So I started working on a sock yarn blanket, but because I am new to the sock world I didn't have enough scraps. I recently purchased a Madeline Tosh Tea Cake sampler (adorable!), but have finished it. TIme for more bits and pieces!

I found this lovely shop on Etsy, MermaidKnitting. For a few dollars she'll send you a sampler or 'bits and pieces' of about 18 different colors of yarn by Rhichard Devrieze, all wrapped up in a cute 4" x 6" bag. Each piece is enough for one or two squares for my blanket. Apparently this guy used to be a colorist for Koigu - it really shows! The Peppino merino yarn is super soft, and the colors are so vibrant that I couldn't put this stuff down (I've almost knit all of it up already!!). I plan on buying a lot more of this stuff - so pretty! 

Shades of teal

Love this one!