Monday, August 12, 2013

Essie "A Cut Above"

Ooh la la! I knew as soon as I saw this lovely that I HAD to have it - my inner magpie absolutely freaked out. Glitter. And pink. Hallelujah. 
I tried a few different techniques in applying it. I layered it over Essie "Pop Art Pink." There is a single glitter layer on my thumb, three layers on my ring finger (let me tell you, that REALLY sparkled in the sunlight! Totally blinged out!!), and just a glitter gradient on my index finger. Haven't had a lot of experience with glitter, but I LOVED this. I was a little nervous about the removal, after reading about it on other folk's blogs, but it really wasn't any harder than normal polish to remove.
This polish had big pink sparkles (like sequins!) as well as small sparkles, creating a really beautiful multi-dimensional look. I can bet I'll be using this a lot in the future. ;)

Gorgeous pink!

Artificial light

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