Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Butter London "Victoriana"

Oy. Where do I start with this one. I picked up this shade at my local Ulta because of all the rave reviews their polishes get, this one in particular getting a LOT of attention. I love teals, I love glitter, how could this not be a winner?
Somehow, this shade totally falls flat for me. It reminds me of this horrible pair of blue jeans I had in middle school that had this awesomely horrific glitter sprayed all over them, that left a trail of sparkles like pixie dust wherever I went. Don't judge, it was the '90's. Anyway, this nail polish reminds me of them. I couldn't even get through a day wearing this. It applied beautifully, and removal was a breeze despite the large silver glitter, but this color just doesn't work for me AT ALL. B+ : awesome formula, but I can't stand this color, despite the hype it got.

Also, HOW ON EARTH did this company find it appropriate to describe this color as "A textured twinkling vintage pale blue nail lacquer. Things reminiscent of the Victorian era, such as corsets, top hats and Syphilis. " -- syphilis? Really??

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