Thursday, August 8, 2013

Essie "For the Twill of it"

Oh, my dear readers (reader? Is anyone looking at this?) - have I got a treat for you today! I was flipping through my snail mail when I came across the Ulta magazine -- dutifully, I turned to the nail polish spread. Bingo! Fall colors were in stock - including the coveted Essie collection! I picked up the cube, as I really wanted to try those four colors the most, and lucky me - they were the four in the box! Over the next week I'll be showing you swatches of them all!And let me tell you, if they are all like the first one I tried, you are in for a real special event!
Just look how cute they are - the cube includes "For the Twill of it," "Cashmere Bathrobe," "Vested Interest," and "The Lace is On" - how cute are these names?! Per the press release, the vision for this fall's colors comes from the feel of certain fabrics, as if Essie was trying to bottle the feel of a schoolboy blazer, the comfort of cashmere. 
Vested, Cashmere, Lace, and Twill! 
The first one I tried was "For the Twill of it" - according to Essie, part of the inspiration came from FLOTUS herself, Mrs. Obama's inaugural coat, which was made from silk twill, something usually made into neckties. Look at the lovely coat below, and see how it matches so well with her daughter's coats -- definitely the color inspiration behind this holo polish! It looks lovely in the bottle, and the holo transfers so well. It is a nice gray base with a purple-green shift, like alexandrite! It also kinda reminds me of how I image shark skin to look under water - that incandescent gray. Maybe I just have shark week on the brain. ;)
Mrs. Obama's inauguration coat!

Gray base with purple shift, artificial light

With flash in natural light, green shift!

Loving this color - beautiful formula, my first holo ever, and lovely color. A++!

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