Sunday, June 30, 2013

Model City "Fairy Fight"

Nina at Model City - can I just say how much I adore you?

Let's rave about this from start to finish, shall we?

Firstly, this polish is called 'Fairy Fight.' As in, that fight between the fairies (Fauna and Merryweather, maybe?) in Disney's 'Sleeping Beauty' where they try to alternately make Princess Aurora's dress pink or blue. How awesome is that inspiration? Total genius.

Secondly, the packaging. Hello! Look at this - a sleek little black bag, a nail file (THANK YOU - dare I admit that I didn't own one yet??), a hand written thank-you, the beautiful polish, AND a lollipop (...not in the picture, I may have eaten that right away. Yum!). A++ for presentation and thoughtfulness.

Thirdly, let's just talk about how awesome this color is. From arm's length it is a gorgeous medium lavender shade, almost neon in some lighting. Totally amazing. Up close there are tons of tiny red and blue glitters that are the "fairies fighting" - very small glitters, smooth finish even without a topcoat. Which of course I used anyway. The formula is sheer but thick and doesn't drip; three VERY quick-drying coats and I was done! (Muchos apologies for the sad sloppy cuticles, it actually cleaned up very easily!)

This is such a nice soft shade, I feel like I'll be getting tons of use out of this one. Overall A++, and I'm looking forward to trying some more Model City polishes!

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