Friday, June 14, 2013

Essie Avenue Maintain

Essie describes this delightful shade "Avenue Maintain," and the description reads : fashionably adroit, this lovely Parisian blue nail lacquer channels the je ne sais quoi of the capital of chic. 

I describe it as "one wallop of blue!" Nearly a one-coater (could be if I was more careful in my application!), this is blue, blue, blue!! I have never worn anything this bold, but I have to say I have gotten half a dozen compliments today! Someday I will figure out photography, in the meantime I will just apologize for my cruddy  (... using my iPhone for now). 

The formula is beautiful, smooth and thick and self-leveling. If you like bright bold hues, this is a nice "Parisian blue," creamy and glossy- lovely formula- quick drying, but very bright! Wish every Essie formula was this nice! :)

Have a nice coral polish next, stay tuned dear readers!


  1. Hey, I came on to join your blog and there is no where to join, if you need a little help adding in the widgets I'm happy to help. Everything you need help with can be found on google. Maybe make a note of what other blog have and add them to yours? xx

  2. Lola, thank you SO MUCH for your comment!! I am new to the blogging world and I will absolutely get to work on this as soon as I can! You should be able to join soon!! :)