Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cult Nails "Let's Get Dirty"

Wax-like finish (pardon the back-drop)

Oy. Totally in love with this polish from Cult Nails. I came across this gem while trolling the nail blogs for the perfect neutral shade.

This is a lovely neutral soft taupe with hints of purple - mauve? - and a lovely shimmer. It actually has a finish that is described as 'wax-like,' a soft matte finish that dries in like 30 seconds. Very pretty. I've never seen anything like this. Add a top coat and this stuff just glistens with little silver shimmers. For some reason, the longer I wear it the more purple it looks. Right now it seems like a dusty lilac, when I swear it was milk-chocolate-mousse to start off. Weird. Maybe I've worn all the brown pigment off?
My only complaint is that this stuff dries soft, for lack of a better explanation. Even after a topcoat. The polish dries fast, but even DAYS later, that gorgeous soft shimmer get all sorts of creases - not chips... it's like an ice rink, right after it's polished, you know? And then everyone starts skating and well everything is still technically 'white,' but it shows the mark of everything that's passed over it? That's kinda like this stuff. It creases, and looks like wrinkly laundry.

With top coat

Has anyone had a problem with polish like this? Should I try a different top coat? (Using the Revlon top coat right now). It's so strange, I've never had a polish that is this soft before. And it's a shame because this color is just a fabulous neutral.

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