Sunday, July 21, 2013

Essie "Pop Art Pink"

"fall for a modern nail art look. this museum-worthy sheer chiffon pink nail lacquer adds a pop of romance and gallerista glam to your style." - Essie

Gallerista glam. I love it. I was afraid "Pop Art Pink" was going to be a shocking creme pink, but it is actually a very girly medium pink jelly. (So I totally had to look up these definitions - a 'jelly' is a polish that is sheer, and looks like jelly! A creme is opaque and pigmented, not sheer. And a crelly? I guess that's somewhere in between!) If I was a nail polish namer (dream job!), I would have called this something more like "Bubble gum pink" or "Strawberry milk." A nice milky sweet color. I got tons of compliments on this. Also I am beginning to realize that the jelly/crelly polishes are much more forgiving to sloppy applicants like myself that cremes. Maybe that's why I love them. 

This is such a lovely soft, romantic pink shade, and the formula was fantastic. A+, will wear again. ;) Did need 3 coats for good color build-up.

Seriously, google this shade and see some nicer swatches than what I have given you, and then go buy this polish.

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