Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chanel "Vamp"

Ah, Chanel Vamp. 

I was researching dark vampy reds (because that's what I do...) and came across this gem. An iconic color akin to Tiffany Blue, Chanel Vamp is so popular it even has it's own Wikipedia page! First introduced to the market on the Chanel runway in 1994, this beauty was apparently a true revolution. This website lists the seven most popular shades on Chanel polish ever - and what comes in at #1? Vamp. With over $1 million in sales, it is one of the most popular polishes of all time.
See where I'm going with this? It was super popular in the 90's, and Chanel has reformulated it several times. The most current manifestation has trace amounts of ruby red microglitter, which the original did not. I would call this a crelly formula, nice and opaque in 2 coats. Took longer to dry than Essie or Opi does. This was my first Chanel purchase - I don't live anywhere near anyplace that would sell this, so when I was traveling with the SO and saw a Chanel polish display in the mall, I HAD to snatch it up! 

A little disappointed with the wear on this. The color IS fabulous, but at $27 / bottle I expect no less. I am sure I will wear this anytime I want to feel extra-special, but this started chipping on Day 1 and the pictures below were taken on Day 3 - ew! WAY less durable than Essie or Opi shades. I will try to do a comparison with some of the other vampy colors I have! 

In short, if you want to buy a piece of history, and don't mind the price, this is perfect. The color is stunning, but takes awhile to dry even with a fast-dry top coat, and doesn't wear well. I'd give it an A. 

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