Sunday, March 2, 2014

Knit Picks!

Lots of excitement!

I started on my first ever pair of socks recently. This is a LOT of firsts - first time using a needle that small (2.5! Eeek!), first time attempting ANYTHING with dpns (eewww), first time using a fingering-weight yarn ... let's just say that there was a lot of anxiety before and angst during this project. I'm about 80% through one sock, and it is lovely!

I chose to make the Fitwell sock in Smooshy yarn by Dream in Color on a friend's suggestion - she makes a lot of socks, so I asked her what she recommended for my first pair. :) I'll post picks when I'm done with at least one sock! 

Also, I discovered Knit Picks. Dangerous. I ordered like a box of fingering-weight yarn to make a couple of shawls and scarves (Ravelry is also dangerous... I think I've already got about 100 things on my queue... ). Here is the box of beauties -- aren't they gorgeous?
And then, of course, the box got commandeered by the resident yarn inspector ...

I can't bring myself to throw this box away. She sleeps in it and it keeps her away from all of my lovely new yarns, so I think it's a fair trade.

Currently have 5 projects on the needles- my socks, an Aranami shawl, wrist warmers, a linen stitch scrap blanket, and a large wavy afghan. The Oscars should give me a good few hours to work on them! :)

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